Surfrider Meeting – 6:30pm Tuesday 9/20th
In attendance:
– Mike Daniel
– Eric Schwarze
– Bill Dellucia
– Josh Pause
– Darren
Mike called meeting to order @ 6:32p.
Mike D: update on 5 acre parcel in Indian County. We are waiting for more information.
We have the option to prevent getting an easement from the County re: beach access.
There was a meeting 9/19; lacked quorum, tabled until next meeting.
See Chair Report for further details.
Treasury Report – Eric
$10,247 balance last meeting.
Issue with phone app, unable to get access to balance information.
Surfer Stomp $270 cash donations Saturday Night.
John and Gay are working out some of the issue with sponsors check. Sponsors wrote a check
to John, John needs to cut a new check to Surfrider 501(3)c.
Mike advised against this practice; direct checks are tabled
Donating $100 to PAC Meeting via Vince Lamb for event Gleason Auditorium.
Regular Joe wrap-up pending, will address additional funds.
Bill Report – Ocean Friendly Gardens
Two tours this Sat at MRC for National Estuaries Day; discussing natives v. invasives.
Frank Mazzeone [SIC] MRC / Habitat Restoration for Melbourne Beach restoration is
in a planning stage.
Eric suggested film “Into the Sea” commissioned by Surfrider.
Eric discussed the synergy between Natives and Litter Reduction.
Chapter Elections: the following candidates have declared intent:
Alec Buchness, Chairman
Josh Pause, Vice Chairman
Allison Arteaga, Secretary
Eric Schwarze, Treasurer
Ryan Dadds, Volunteer Coordinator
Old Business:
Regular Joe debriefing is pending John. interviewed Eric, glowing reviews, high media engagement, response is positive.
Mike D:
Space Coast Saunter starts Surf and Sport on October 5th. Facebook promo Saunter.
Josh P:
Lagoon Update- BIRLC now 600+ members, Josh has delegate Marilyn and others to lead communications.
PAC Update – $8,000 collected; another $10,000 pending