Surfrider Sebastian Inlet Chapter

April Meeting 4/19/17

Call to order 6:30pm


EC members in attendance

Alec Buchness, Eric Shwarze, John Robson, Allison Arteaga, Ryan Dadds, Roger Ross

14 additional members


Around-the-room introductions of everyone in attendance


Erik Schwarze: Treasurer’s Report

Check to Dylan Hansen for $600 to cover videos

Charlie Corbeil Awards

Food for adopt-a-highway road cleanup

Debits $706.47

Current Balance: $16, 065


Recap of cleanup along A1A: did cleanup, with BBQ afterwards. Most of the trash was found in bushes along road, next time, will look into separating out recycling. Got about six bags of trash. Supposed to be doing cleanups quarterly.


Charlie Corbeil Awards recap by Ryan Dadds: Ryan, Allison, and Mike Daniels were in attendance. Awarded to two kids and eight adults, big emphasis on Indian River Lagoon, less for the ocean, had hoped to see more for the ocean. Inspiring event, good to meet everyone in conservation. Chapter donated money to help with program. Can send chapter people next year too.


Updates on Local Bands, Boards & Brews Festival by Orlando: Met with John today, looks like everything is ready to go, have seven shapers signed up and six vendors. All sponsors have donated $200. April 29th noon-10pm. Still looking for volunteers, and having people come out. Main time slot = 6-8pm, will be the busiest time. Main goal will be membership sign-ups and renewals. Will be giving away reusable shopping bags too. Members get wristbands for discounted prices on beers. Two food trucks this year. Five bands signed up. Will be signing up additional volunteers for 6-8pm slot.


Josh had to step down as vice chair. Need to replace him. Executive Committee will need to vote on next person to take that position. It will be a two-year commitment. Would like to make nominations tonight.


Cocoa Beach chapter, black tie and baggies events at Long Dogger’s. Fundraiser for their chapter, encourage members from our chapter to go up and support them on May 6th. After that, May 20th is hands across the sand. Will take place at Paradise Park. Event started after Horizon oil spill, is a show of solidarity to prevent offshore drilling, will take place from 11-12, will form a line of people and hold hands. Cocoa Beach will have a simultaneous event in their area. Pete Stauffer from Surfrider’s corporate office has been sending out e-mails encouraging people to contact their senators to express their opposition for offshore drilling. Publication effort ideas for the event. Could do posters or talk to WFIT. Currently use social media. Need help with the website, asked for volunteers to help with updating the website. Consider doing Facebook advertising to promote chapter events. Consider picking and choosing certain locations to try out some posters.


Waterman’s Challenge June 3rd is a surf contest coming up, chapter challenge is a division among Florida chapters. Our chapter won it last year and a couple years ago. Will have tent there representing the chapter. Would like to put two teams out there. Tag-team event, win goes to team with most points in given time frame. Talk to Roger if you’re interested in competing


June 10th. Captain Hiram’s surf expo to raise money for Surfrider. Line-up of bands. Will be recruiting people to volunteer at the event as we get closer. Looking to support that event because can help recruit members from further south in the county


International surfing Day June 17th, Saturday closest to summer solstice. Looking for someone to help organize it. Usually reserve large pavilion at paradise, would like to get Long Dogger’s involved. Last few years had an evening event. Will be doing surf lessons for kids. Looking for volunteers to help out


Sebastian Inlet Surf & Sport is celebrating 5th anniversary presentation by John Robson. Anniversary party usually raises funds for local surf teams to send them to NSSA Nationals. Talking to Pariedolia Brewing Company. Surfrider and First Peak can invite breweries, restaurants to do sampling. People can buy wristbands. Band will be coming in. Start day off with forum on the First Peak Project.


First Peak project: effort to restore the break at first peak. Founder of project wants the chapter’s support. Information as been sent to corporate, waiting to hear back to see if we can officially support it or not. Recent surfer magazine article featured first peak and the importance to professional surfing. The original jetty was a concrete wall, as swell came in, it formed a doubled up, hollow wave right at the sandbar, was consistent even when waves were small. 2004, reinforced the structure, put piling in front of wall, ended up diffusing wave energy. Jeff, the founder has worked on inland man-made surfing projects, wants to build a refracting wall around the pilings to bring back the wave, looking for lowest impact strategy possible. His proposal is removable if it doesn’t work. Has been talking to Sebastian inlet tax district, sea turtle conservancy, tourism development council, needs to be public/private project. Could potentially create habitat for worm reef, models show could also put less sand in inlet. TDC has pledged funding to professional contest, more consistent waves could mean better contests and more draw for local businesses


Surfrider has a new coordinator at the national level for their school club programs. Boyd runs a lot of our programs locally, will try to coordinate a quick call. If anyone know parents at beachside elementary schools, it is easy to get new clubs started. Meets once a month after school for an hour at a time. Also use the kids for volunteer projects like sea oats. Can do clubs at junior and senior high schools too. $20 dues cover snacks and shirts for the club


Should probably get a projector to use at our meeting and events. Erik has looked into pricing. Motion to buy a projector, seconded. Eric will get pricing. Approved to spend up to $300 on projector


Would like to suggest that after meetings, could have local musicians come in to play. Could be a good social thing , could be open to the general public