Sebastian Inlet Surfrider Chapter

Meeting Minutes

May 17, 2017


Meeting called to order: 6pm

In Attendance: Alec Buchness, Allison Arteaga, Erik Schwarze, Roger Ross, John Robson, Bo Platt, Shannon, Dylan Hansen

  • This coming Saturday is Hands Across The Sand: kids from Indialantic Elementary will be coming out for a beach cleanup at nine before event. 11:30 gather on beach, join hands along shorefront, halfway through meeting will make posters. The whole messaging will be based on clean energy. Will meet at pavilion at Paradise Beach Park. Surprise guest will be attending that will be good for pictures.
  • Dylan Hansen recommends chapter undertake fossil fuel divestiture by switching from Bank of America to a local credit union or other bank with more transparency, would have to go through national
  • Treasurer’s report: Erik Schwarze
    • Beginning balance $16,065.40
    • $650 for t-shirts for Indialantic school club (100 shirts)
    • Deposits following Boards Brew + Bands Festival : $1,200
    • $736.12 on the square from memberships
    • Billy chapman performance fee $200
    • $1,255 from Josh for bag sales
    • $2,500 check from chapter for Satellite Beach
    • Projector purchased Monday: $482.00
    • $100 check to Vince Lamb for Charlie Corbeil awards
    • Deposits: 3,248.12
    • Expenditures $3,931.49
    • This month net: -$683.00
    • Ending balance $15,382.40
  • Need storage for boxes of bags, Allison will contact Anthony Soland to see if Standard Collective would like to sell bags
  • Waterman’s Challenge, will be fielding teams, Roger has 11 people who have said they wanted to surf, including five of the people from last year. Could do two teams. Alec moves to field two teams, Roger seconds, Erik will enter teams and pay registration fees online
  • June 10 Captain Hiram’s Surf Expo and Festival, will put out request for volunteers later, will be reaching out to volunteers in the far south of the chapter’s range. We may be able to get discounted rates for rooms if anyone would like to stay the night, may be a paddleout for Dick Catri the same day.
  • The weekend after is international surfing day on the 17th. Trying to get Long Doggers to let us do it in Indialantic. If not Long Doggers, Islands Fish Grill or Big Island Burrito are options
  • The rest of the summer will be more calm, with a few social events, and then in the fall the next big event is the Space Coast Saunter
  • Marine Resources Council rain barrel project looking for $100 sponsors that will get their logos listed at the education station for the new mangrove farm at MRC Lagoon House, Erik moves to sponsor, Roger seconds, passes unanimously by EC board vote.
  • Bo Platt political updates
    • went to an event from Randy Find recently, wants to set up meeting with him and also Thad Altman to talk to them about the plastic bag bill. Find said he would be open to it if it didn’t just apply to small communities and could be across the board. His offices are in Palm Bay. Open to meeting anytime between now and August. Unlikely he would sponsor the bill, but could ask about it or at least educate him. Will keep Holly in the loop
    • Tobia is cutting county budget drastically, got him to back off most of his cuts from speakers, but now he wants to sell off park lands and cut budgets, show up Tuesday 23rd at 1pm to voice support for parks, beach access and Archie Carr refuge could be impacted
  • John Robson: First Beach Project
    • Posters are ready, available for chapter members who want to put them up and talk to people about it. Local breweries will provide beers, restaurants are also participating, vendors too, musicians lined up. Event will be filmed.
    • May 27th. Forum starts at 4pm, rest of event will take place at 5pm. Tourism Development Council and Sebastian special taxing district want to see big turnout in order to support project. People can buy wristbands for food and beer, proceeds will go to first peak project
    • Haven’t heard back from National as to whether we can support it, but Holly didn’t see an issue with it, would like Surfrider to provide a tent to sell wristbands, Dade County and other Florida chapters are sharing on social media about the event
  • Allison Arteaga: Litter Quitter updates
    • Annual Summit coming up for member businesses, 9am-11am at the doubletree in Cocoa Beach June 21st, Surfrider is invited to table as a partner, will feature presentations about the program, the group pricing discounts, and a discussion of sustainability practices by members, will be live streamed to Facebook
  • Executive Council vote for new vice chair: Shannon will be the vice chair.
  • Roger moves to adjourn, Allison seconds. 7:30pm