Surfrider Foundation, Sebastian Inlet Chapter Meeting 18 October 2017

The Standard Collective, Eau Gallie district, Melbourne, FL

16 in attendance (3 new attendees from Cape Fear chapter, NC)

7:00 Intros/welcome: Alec Buchness/Chair welcomed everyone and opened the meeting

Chapter officers/reports

7:15  Treasurer report: Two month compilation: $16, 980.00 balance.

7:20  Ryckman Park tabling event report/Bo Platt

  • FIT effort focusing on shoreline restoration
  • Wrapping oyster mats around pilings Melbourne Pier
  • Seeking input regarding financial assistance for low income youths interested in ocean related careers to attend Marine Sciences workshop hosted by FIT. Alec pledged to take a look at the chapter sponsoring interested individuals
  • Bo highlighted tomorrow night’s sustainability discussion at FIT (handout)

7:30  Regular Joe Surf Festival Report/Eric Schwarz & John Robson)

  • Summary of week’s events
  • Highlighted that this is the first year that the Regular Joe has gotten official county recognition from the Space Coast Tourism Board

7:45  School club update/Boyd Mark (Read by Alec)

  • New club at Ocean Breeze had 70 students show. Tremendous reception.
  • Challenges at high school level. Plenty of interested students but competing demand for students’ time.

8:10   FIT beach cleanup/Nicole

  • 29 October 10:00 – 3:00 FIT Grad school student sponsored
  • Day at the beach: cleanup, picnic, surf lessons
  • Need help with lessons and cleanup
  • Chapter members encouraged to attend and support
  • Flyers distributed to attendees

8:15  First Peak Project/Justin Enjo

  • New video, homepage and website update in works
  • Trying to build support from surfing community
  • Planning event to highlight project’s worth and to gain surfer’s support

8:20  Ocean Reef Beach ‘ORB’ Festival 12/2/17

  • Intracoastal Brewery sponsoring
  • Jim handling volunteers

8:30  State of the beaches

  • Lots of debris still on the beaches. Possible additional beach cleanups?
  • Midreach Project still underway
  • Lots of momentum, will be difficult to stop
  • org has info on latest developments

8:45  New Business

King of the Peak Contest 11/4/17 – 11/12/17

  • Surfrider invited to participate. Will have tent.  Need to determine which week-end.

Christmas Party

  • Join Cocoa Beach Chapter?
  • Stay local at Coasters Lou’s Blues or other local spot

Gabriel Rothblatt/RE:  RC’s beach access through UTI property

  • Florida Today more receptive to publishing articles on environmental issues
  • Access easement for RCs
    • Wants help getting SB to commence construction
    • Access central to Surfrider mission
    • Should be simple to get national to support



9:00 adjourn