Treasurer Report by Eric Schwarze

Events Recap:
1/12/19–Surf Expo: Signed up many new members
1/19/19–Sebastian Inlet Pro Beach Clean Up- Jay/Ryan-Had a good turn out, we should do again after a storm to clean up storm debris
1/26/19–Member/Volunteer Appreciation Party at Iron Oak Post-Alec
Coastal defender Awards: Jay and Chris Smith

Special Dedication Award: Randy Gray

2/18/19–Ocean Friendly Restaurant meeting at Beach Fly Brewing-Shannon

Villa Palma joined

Old Business

School Programs–Boyd, Bill, and Bo- Challenging bc high school kinds also involved with other activities

Blue Water Task Force- Alec/Ryan

Corporate Sponsorship meeting with Tim and Kim Stockton to take place next place. Requesting them pay half

Upcoming Events

3/9/19– Beach Cleanup and Bonfire – Scott Maki Beach Cleanup at Pelican teaming up with Space Coast Association of Realtors 3-9pm

4/13/19 WFIT Sonic Waves Music Fest 5-10pm at Intracoastal Brewery–Done for the last 3-4 years –purpose is to sign up new members and educate

4/24 Northrop Grumman Earth Day Fair 9-1:30

4/25- Chamber of Commerce Meeting at Beachfly 1130-1

4/27 — Coastal Garden Fair/MRC event 9-2

5/4 — Melbourne Beach Founders Day on Ocean Ave

5/18– Local Boards, Bands, and Beer Festival

Website Overhaul- Use an outside source so cost will be involved

Community tap Night- Beachfly Brewery partner with group, on a week night