meeting called to order 7:00pm. Approximately 21 in attendance. Executive majority attendance

Treasurer report.
Events Recap:
1) ORB: (Randy). Event was very successful with positive feedback. Will have a feedback session to incorporate input to improve. 2019 day is 12/7. Props to Sat. Beach local govt.
2) SI Pro: (J. Robson) First women’s WQS contest of the year (3000 for women). Kickoff party was at SIS&S Monday (1/14/19). Very well received. Space Coast tourism looks to continue to promote the event.
Old Business
1) Ocean Friendly Restaurants (OFR): (Shannon) Surfrider program for restaurants to reduce plastic use. 5 mandatory criteria. no plastic, recycle. straws only on request. During 2018, created an app to track all restaurants. We have three in our district currently. Simply straws will help with paper straw purchase discounts. Will be coming out with a newsletter with new vendors, new products, surfrider status on OFR, publish stories about businesses. Going to start having meetings to recruit new members. Member question: what to do about plastics on cruise ships? ACTION: Executive to reach out to C.B. Chapter about what is their current relation with the port of canaveral? looking for bimonthly meeting. See Shannon for signup. member question: sustainable seafood sourcing. All seafood must be defined as sustainable. member question: do they get any surfrider based materials for promotion.
2) School programs. Not here currently
3) New Officers. Still an opening for secretary. Motion for: Jay for volunteer coordinator. Ryan for secretary. Seconded. Ayes have it.
4) Member/Appreciation Party: (E. Buchness, S. Snyder) Evite is out. Please come! 1/26/19. Tacos, Beet stack. Band is there. Sons of Neptune. 6pm-10pm. Food around 6pm. Membership drive: Open to anyone. Non-members join to get a wrist tab at a cost. Plan for 50 people.
5) Blue water task force. (Ryan) water quality testing. Other chapters have been testing and publishing results. Looking to purchase equipment and test 4 beaches monthly. Inlet, Paradise, Jetty park, TBD. Talking with and Surf Guru for publishing on websites. Would point to Surfrider website that has link. Purchasing equipment is next step. Have 6 volunteers, twice a month for testing. Have to put in sealer and incubate overnight. Ryan will lead, Annie will help. Sealer and incubator are most expensive. Trays and associated items are purchased for a year. Total is $7,870. If Surfrider has a chance to show impacts, maybe it is viable. Recurring cost is $80/month. We need to know how viable the information will be relative to what is going on right now. This doesn’t test for red tide. member: what is the state/county testing. Questions: member: does Fl. Tech have something similar? Table cost to look into corporate sponsors. Look for used equipment that could be purchased cheaper than new.
New Business
1) SI Pro beach cleanup. (Ryan) beach cleanup at inlet. Anytime between 9-noon. Will publish on Instagram, Facebook, mail chimp.
2) Sea Oat planting. (Feb. 9) Jason coordinating sea oat planting. School clubs promoting hard. have to purchase sea oats. 10 trays $53/tray. $530 total. Volunteer hours as well. almost 100 sea oat seedlings per tray. Juan Ponce deLeon park is the location. Facebook sign up.
3) S.B. Coastal Garden fair/earth day. (4/27) S. Patrick drive at the Schecter center.
4) Local Boards and beer fest (4/18) Intracoastal. local bands.
5) Local’s only Villon (Surfrider is invited). Someone reach out to confirm that Surfrider will be there.

motion to adjourn 8:36pm.