Surfrider October Meeting Minutes 10/16/19

Location: Standard Collective

Recent Events Recap 7:10 – Surfrider Classic- Sebastian Inlet– Eric S.9/20,22,28, & 29 Golf Tournament Friday 9/20 then after party at Aquarina Clubhouse 9/22- Party with Coastal Breed- great band– Surf postponed due to wind 9/28- 9/29- Better surf – Had the contest- Winners for Senior women/men, females, youth, and men

A Day in the Life Event for marine awareness October 10 -Local high schools explored

Orlando Pride Beach Cleanup — 10/2 @ Cocoa Beach -Alec Orlando Pride and Orlando Surfrider partnered and picked up trash in Cocoa Beach

Cora Beach Clean-Up – 10/12/19 @ Longdoggers – Shannon Georgia Tech and Cora PT teamed together to pick up 140 lbs of trash. Gave out Costa del Mar sunglasses as prizes

Sea Glass Club presentation – 10/16 @ Melbourne Beach library Met with people who pick up sea glass and trash on the beach and gave them information about Surfrider

7:30- Guest Speaker — “Sea Life Love”- Linda Symmonds, Founder Mission Statement: National Campaign- Supporting agency who protect sea life, and provide commission from 100% cotton bag with water color paintings and sends good message to use those rather than plastic bags. 12% of sales will go towards Surfrider Bags are $25-$29 with shipping -Will launch website soon to sell the bags

7:45 Program/Campaign Reports – Blue Water Task Force – Ryan D. — 1st October testing results were posted yesterday- Turkey Creek had record breaking results of 173 units of Enteroccocus and Sebastian Inlet Tidal Cove had medium level bacteria of 41 units. We have new volunteers Hanna Walsh and Dick Dehoyos

-Ocean Friendly Gardens – Bill D. — Flooding due to groundwater is an issue. Working with Indialantic to design swails and install in the next year or 2. Plan to put coquina and native plants in these areas instead of grass. –Getting seedlings to start a ocean friendly nursery behind Unitarian Church — Nova Nordisc invited Bill to go to Danish Consulate in NYC to discuss Surfrider’s programs and attributes

Ocean Friendly Restaurants – Shannon S. — Longdoggers Indialantic joined last month and now all the restaurants want to join. Free Webinar for people volunteering and restaurants about Impacts on Plastic Pollution, History of OFR, and Plastic Pollution legal person– November 5 CA passed law to be able to serve customers to bring reusable containers for take out -4th Street Fillin Station– joined but still needs to change their bags which aren’t biodegradeable

-Cora Physical Therapy joined Ocean Friendly Organization Ocean Club Update

– Bo P. — 2 Beachside Elementary schools that signed up for Surfrider Club sponsored by Surfrider– Indian River Lagoon pollution talk this week

8:00 Upcoming Events 10/20/19– Anglers for Conservation- Civic Center at foot of Melbourne Causeway — Surfrider nominated for award $25 Charity Benefit with music by Billy Chapman and art by Dawn Harrell 12/07/19 —

Randy Ocean Reef Beach Festival — Need volunteers!! Venue for education, beach environment, music, art education and beer Phil Roberts will be guest artist Sculpture made out of plastic will be displayed in Pelican Park Oct 30 is deadline for vendors to sign up to participate

8:20 New Business – Space Coast Music Fest Sat 11/2 11a-9p — Held in EGAD– In need of volunteers in 2 hour shifts, possibly set a tent up

– Avenger Weed Killer– Rep would like us to promote since its organic. Chemical d-limonene is found which is made from orange oil and after researching it is found to be toxic to marine life in large quantities. Decided not in best interest to promote.

– NKF 2020– No Surfrider tent this year at NKF. No water coolers and lots of people with plastic water bottles. Next year we may have tent at the contest with water cooler to prevent single use plastics

We’ve been invited to have a tent or volunteer at the Space Coast Music Festival on Nov 2 11-9. This is a free charity event that promotes original music; while raising funds for music programs in Brevard County. If we have enough volunteers to man the tent, we will participate.