November Meeting Minutes

7:10 Recent Events Recap

10/20/19– Anglers for Conservation Award Winner— Surfrider Received a plaque on our conservation efforts

10/22/19 — Sea Live Love Co. launch —  Lynda Simmons– Goal is 80  bags Need 6 more  bags in 5 days to meet our goal which proceeds will be $300 to Surfrider

12% of retail goes to Surfrider– Breakers Art Gallery owned by Dawn Harrell will be carrying it along with Mama Joe’s

11/20/19– FL  Ocean Alliance (FOA) facilitated workshop @ Cape Canaveral– John Hearin to participate on Surfrider’s behalf

— present issue and want to know what needs to done to solve water issues of conservation

7:25  Program/Campaign Reports

BWTF–  Ryan Dadds– Past week’s results showed Watson Ave and Second Light with low Enterococcous levels, Sebastian Inlet with medium levels and Turkey Creek with high levels which has been consistently high.

–We received a $500 donation from Evicore for BWTF supplies, will need $700 more for next year’s supplies. Will need to have a fundraiser. Dawn Harrell has offered to have a fundraiser at her shop and donate proceeds from art sales to the program.

–The director of BWTF, Ryan Dadds, who is sponsored by Kialoa Paddles was featured in the Talk Story section of their website discussing the BWTF program and water quality decline.

Ocean Friendly Gardens— Bill Deluccia– OFG to be planted at Pelican Beach –Will begin an Educational partnership with local schools

–Coastal Community School Garden at Tortoise Island – Restoration program of their garden for native plants

–NYC meeting for Novo Nordisc  dinner – Take Action/Community Outreach Program to reduce carbon footprint. Bill has been featured along with Surfrider, as a foundation leading conservation efforts

Ocean Friendly Restaurants– Shannon Shneyder– Still waiting on Longdoggers of Satellite Beach to complete their requirements to join

Reached out to Copperhead Tavern bc they expressed interest in the program and they’re not following any of the requirements thus far

Ocean Club– — Boyd Mark

Midreach Campaign Update– Alec Buchness– Our campaign for this year Is  the midreach project. Link to our website on campaigns “Don’t Kill the Reef”

Mitigation reefs–Keep community updated about the quality of the sand used to renourish the beach

7:50 Upcoming Events

MRC  “Love Our Lagoon” event & fundraising request to donate money to 2nd IRL Health Update Report 11/23/2019 11:30 am- 2:00 D’Jon’s Steak & Lobster House –Will approve donating $500 to this event

Animal Sanctuary Reggae Festival  11/24/19 noon – 8 pm FL Beer Co – Scott Maki — Surfrider will have a tent there participating

Lagoon & Lager Tues 12/3/19 Intracoastal Brewing 5:30-8 IRL Coalition–Will participate

Ocean Reef Beach Fest — Dec 7 10 am – 5 pm Pelican Beach Park — Randy & Eric Volunteer Opportunities —NEED VOLUNTEERS

Shirts are ready and will have signed and numbered prints for $40 and then $100 at Breakers Gallery

8:00 New Business

– The Aquarium Project – Bo & Coleen– $70 million for aquarium project and some of proceeds of aquarium entry fees will go to saving lagoon. Will be on the lagoon near cruise ships

December Meeting/Holiday Party — Plan to have in January. Possibly  Surfinista in CB or Whiskey Beach Pub

Volunteer Participation Party?

8:30 Adjourn