SRF August Meeting agenda 8/19/20

Location – Paradise Park S. Pavilion

6:30  Intro – Call to order   – Alec Buchness: 6 members in attendance

6:40  EC/Program/Campaign Reports

~ Treasurer Report – Chris Smith

~ Blue Water Task Force  “BWTF” – Ryan Dadds

            -2nd samples for August are in and show high levels of bacteria at Ballard Park, Turkey             Creek with medium level at Sebastian Inlet

~ Ocean Friendly Gardens “OFG” – Bill Deluccia — no news

~ Ocean Friendly Restaurants “OFR” – Vanessa Whelan/Ryan Dadds

            -Skinny Mermaid has decided to hold off on joining and possibly reconsider after they            


            -The Green Room in Cocoa Beach is considering joining. Meeting with owner planned             next week.

~ Ocean Club Update — no news

7:00          Old Business

  • UCF Marine Turtle Research Group – Still shopping for an ATV.  Limited supply.  No purchase yet.
  • Chapter name change – Completed.  New logos available
  • Standing beach cleanup – 2nd Light – Jay Whelan
  • -We received approval to clean 2nd Light Beach every 4th Saturday of the month from 8-10am
  • -There’s a new cleanup report form on the website

7:20  New Business

  • “Reckless Recycling” video
  • -We have approved donating $2K Dylan Hansen’s new documentary showing that recycling is not the sustainable answer to single use waste
  • -We will display our new logo with the debut
  • We need to decide if we are going to have an ORB this December and if we are, we need to renew our domain and use GoDaddy to design website–Need volunteer to help with website
  • MRC golf tournament October10–5 interested members. Will rotate extra golfer in
  • International Cleanup Day 9/19/20
  • -Should we rent Sebastian Inlet and do clean up? Need to ask Inlet if they are able to rent out that weekend. Then, need to ask permission from HQ
  • Plan to have clearance sale for merchandise with Sebastian Inlet near Christmas time
  • Need to come up with a good way in the near future to unveil our new rebranding as Space Coast Surfrider

7:45 Adjourn