February Meeting Minutes 2/17/21

Location – Goombay’s Seafood Restaurant, Satellite Beach

6:30  – Call to order   – Alec Buchness/Chapter Chairperson

6:35 Intros

6:45  EC/Program/Campaign Reports

~ Treasurer Report – Chris Smith

-Sea oats were purchased for dune planting.

– Raised approx.. $400  was raised during Villon Locals Only by selling merchandise

~ Blue Water Task Force  “BWTF” – Ryan Dadds

            -We have new a new volunteer, Lukas Roselip, who is collecting water samples at Turkey      Creek and Ballard Park.

            -Water quality consistently had high Enterococcal levels in the river sites and were clean            in the ocean sites as usual.

-MRC asked if our BWTF program could be featured and Ryan Dadds will be giving a presentation for their Lunch & Learn Webinar on June 1st.

~ Ocean Friendly Gardens “OFG” – Bill Deluccia

            -OFG will be involved in providing native landscaping for Green Gables historic site

            April through July.  Will call for volunteers.

~ Ocean Friendly Restaurants “OFR” – Ryan Dadds

-Ryan Dadds and Bill Deluccia met with one of the managers of Apocalypse Coffee Roasters and they are very interested in joining. They are almost meeting all criteria except they are using bioplastic utensils for their dine in meals.

-There will be a OFR Webinar held on Feb 22 that will be discussing changes in the program for this year.

7:00 Jan. Events Recap

  • Dune Restoration & Beach Cleanup – Jan. 30th, Cocoa Beach – Jason Hyder/John Hearin

-Had a great turn out for this event. Around 75 people participated including many students from CBHS

-Featured on Fox 35 news. City CB donated sea oats and food.

  • Dune Restoration – Love Your Dune 2/14/21 Cocoa Beach – John Hearin

-Appx 50 participants. Sea Oats donated by City of CB and food was also donated.

  • Villon Local’s Only Surf Festival – 2/13 & 14. Satellite Beach – Jay Whelan

-SRF had a tent for the event and members Jay Whelan and Ryan Dadds participated in the Board Scramble event and placed 2nd and 3rd respectively. Chris Smith volunteered for both days and was a huge help. Jamie Savage and Alec Buchness also attended and assisted in selling and cleanup.

-$400 was raised in tshirt, cup and OFR merch sales.

7:20  Old Business

  • Reckless Recycling documentary.  Date?  Location?

-Possible summer viewing at CB Playhouse sometime in August or September 2021.

-Hoping to have band Aquanets play and sell beer

  • Standing beach cleanup (4th Sat. ea. month) – Location? Next date:  Mar. 3/27/21

-Dredging has completed at 2nd Light Beach and we will resume our monthly cleanups every 4th Saturday from 8-10am

– Will start selling T-shirts and cups at reduced price at the cleanups to liquidate old inventory.

  • Ocean Reef Beach (ORB) Festival Dec. 4th 2021 – Randy Gray – Event Director
    • Mission & format of event- Will have less vendors and will be held at Pelican Park in Satellite Beach.
    • Looking for volunteers to be on the committee to help

7:35  New Business

  • Adopt a Hwy – Roadside Cleanup  Date?  Location – Sebastian Inlet Surf & Sport? 

-Will hold Adopt-a-Highway Cleanup on 4/3 which is International Cleanup Day

-Will coordinate an event for after cleanup with refreshments with John Robson of Sebastian Inlet Surf & Sport

  • Corporate Giving Program—Earth Day

-Novo Nordisc would like to donate to organizations that have an Eco-friendly focus and Bill Deluccia who works for this company would like to recommend FL SRF chapters for mangrove planting project

  • Trash Bash 4/24/2021 9am-12pm

-To be held up in the North end of the county and it will be a lagoon cleanup effort with kayaks, canoes, SUP’s with Fin Expeditions

  • Name Change-àSpace Coast Surfrider

-Need new t-shirts and hats- Interested in having George Panton of SATA Satellite Screen Printing, a local screen printing company who offers eco-friendly material to provide.

-Need to have shirts by August for Reckless Recycling movie debut

  • Coral Bleaching Class/Dive Opportunity

-SRF is offering a class and snorkel dive to those interested in going out and observing and counting bleached/dead coral down in southern Florida

-Interested people must attend webinar first and then pay appx $100 pp for trip.

-If interested, email Jay Whelan volunteercoordinator@sebastianinlet.surfrider.org

8:00 Adjourn